Thursday, April 10, 2014

Words Of The Wisdomless - Memories

"Invest time & money in beautiful memories not beautiful things. You can lose things quickly, memories last a lot longer."
- By Chato B.  Stewart
Mental Health Advocate - Cartoonist - and a few other  things! &
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Monday, April 7, 2014

Words of Wisdomless: Winner or Losers

Words of Wisdomless: Winner or Losers perspective ~

I've heard it said "There are two types of failures those that defeats losers. The they one that inspires winners." than asked "What type are I?" This is a trick question, since any answer would mean I am admitting I am a "loser". It's self deprecation, not positive commutation...the only answer is is your a "winner". Lets face it, for ever one 'winner' there will be a pile of 'losers' and all we 'losers' have to do is organizes because we have the numbers on our side.  Then we can take what all the "winners" have boastfully barged and bullied us over for far too long. - we'll see who winning with a thousand thousands losers come rumbling down the street!   - by Chato B.  Stewart