Sunday, February 21, 2010

Words Of the Wisdomless:- Smart Goals

Words Of the Wisdomless:- Smart Goals -

"It is better to make goals you CAN'T reach then NOT to make any goal at all! At least you'll be thinking of doing something, and that is ALWAYS better then doing nothing all. Now, that is smart goal setting."
-by Chato B.  Stewart

Setting Smart Goals
by Chato B Stewart 01-21/2010

When you set your mind to make goals even if you can't reach them right now, this is call setting smart goals, why? Because it still is helping you focus on positive changes.  It is always best to set two type of goals, short term and long term goals.  Short term goals will help you to accomplish the small goal that can help you work towards the bigger goals.

Short term goals can be as simple as getting out of the house every day for a a few minuets. Or doing small projects.  Long term goals can be set by the months or the years or not time limit at all.

The main "goal" of setting goals, is to give us focus and purpose in our daily actions.  Just remember some goals might be unattainable so keep them realistic.  This will help you avoid any disappointment is you don't reach them.  For example, if our goal is to have supper powers, I'm sorry but that won't happen.  On the other hand, if our goal is to get a job, or if you like sports you can set a 95 yard soccer goal well, that may be more attainable.

Setting goal is a great coping skill, especially when they are simple goals. Here are a few sample goals objectives.
  1. To get up early
  2. Make one call / letter / e-mail to a friend.
  3. Clean (this or that)

The ideas is not just achieving goals, rather by setting goals and objectives it will help us stay focused on our recovery.

As I said before smart goal setting does not have to be complicated. For example, I set a goal to make up a quote about goals and write something about goals.  I just successfully completed two goals! What goals will you set?

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