Monday, March 22, 2010

Words Of The Wisdomless: Friendship

Words Of The Wisdomless: Friendship:

"Today a FaceBook friend sent me a nice quote - "Friends are like walls. Sometimes you lean on them, and sometimes its just enough to know they're there." 

Yes, I had four friends like walls,  BUT... I had to knock them down!!!  I was getting too claustrophobic

.- Chato B.  Stewart


Claustrophobia (from Latin claustrum "a shut in place" and Greek φόβος, phóbos, "fear") is the fear of having no escape and being closed in. Claustrophobia is not a clinical diagnosis and the technical term for these symptoms is Agoraphobia. It is typically classified as an anxiety disorder and often results in panic attack. One study indicates that anywhere from 5–7% of the world population is affected by severe claustrophobia, but only a small percentage of these people receive some kind of treatment for the disorder.

 Permission granted for non-profit use by artist: Chato B. Stewart.

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