Friday, January 27, 2012

Words Of The Wisdom-LESS: Infestation

Words Of The Wisdom-LESS: Infestation -

"Know this, no matter what we think we can't face it is a lie! We are resilient buggers! But we must want recovery and have hope to peruse recovery... With out it even the most resilient, are just bugs waiting to get crushed by the big boot of life!" - By Chato B.  Stewart

Check out who made the list of top 10….I'm number 4!
Please vote for my Fan Art I drew for an Art contest:
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Mental Health Humor Cartoons

Over-Medicated 2012-Mental-Health-Humor-Mixing-Meds-Can-Significantly-Reduce-Potency-by-Chato-Stewart-150x150.jpg2012-Mental-Health-Humor-The-trauma-of-falling-pushed-Jack-to-the-limit-with-Jill-by-Chato-Stewart-150x150.jpg

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