Thursday, January 2, 2014

Words Of the Wisdomless: Getting Help-

Words Of the Wisdomless: Getting Help- 

"Living with depression, bipolar disorder or mood disorder/mental illness/disease; we may find the biggest obstacle in getting the help we need is we ourselves.  We may have to get over ourselves before we can help ourselves.

By Chato B.  Stewart


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  1. As consumers we are blamed for not getting well by all who work with us. Social workers, case managers, psychologists, counselors: the majority of whom say that we "consumers" dont improve becasue we work against our medication ot treatment. Getting over ourselves is important but we are disempowered at every turn by professionals. We have became dependent on those who try to take care of us and they on us. We are responsible for our own recoveries however we need help in finding ourselves. Your quote is a thought provoking one. Thank you for reminding us that we are responsible for ourselves.